What is RobotUnion and why is it so important?

RobotUnion is an ecosystem that encompasses SMEs and startups together with corporates, researchers, acceleration programmes and investors. The best partners of RoboUnion are e.g: Tecnalia, Danish Technological Institute, Robo Valley, PIAP, Funding Box. Robot Union is also focused on healthcare trade. This means RobotUnion brings knowledge and money in one place.

What is UnitDoseOne and why is it so important?

UnitDoseOne is a robotic pharmacy that prepares doses of medicines in individual sets for hospital patients. UnitDoseOne takes care of hospital drugs logistics. The system knows which medicines will be required each day, who and when placed them into our machine, which physician  prescribed medication and finally who delivered them to the patient. Our philosophy – to adapt our solution to the hospital. We’ve designed a truly modular, compact and versatile solution. On The RoboBusiness Conference in 2017 we received an award from the Head of NASA Robotics for the Best Medical Startup. Next year our solution UnitDoseOne was awarded by the Association of Cardiologists for the Best Medical Startup. And again in 2019, our success was confirmed by the RobotUnion. UnitDoseOne allows to lower medication costs inside the hospital and minimize to zero medication error, this means hospitals patient are safer.

We are currently looking for distributors who would be interested in including our system in their offer and hospitals that would be interested in implementing our system at their side.

Victory! Robot Union and UnitDoseOne together

UnitDoseOne has been selected as one of the best robotic startup by RobotUnion in The pan-European Robotics Acceleration. This will bring us experienced engineer, salespeople and money – over 100k EUR to approach new markets.

In the competition, which consisted of four stages, we had the opportunity to meet experts from each of these organizations. We have conducted many talks and presentations on our solution – an automatic hospital pharmacy UnitDoseOne for the last three months. We’ve presented our design, automation and business model. Together with experts from RobotUnion we have prepared a document called “Feasability Study”, that describes our plans and directions of development. We focus on four countries at the beginning of our path: Germany, Great Britain, the United States and of course Poland :-).

What’s next and how you can help us!

We are currently looking for distributors who would be interested in including our system in their offer. If you are a medical technologist or you know someone like that and you want to help us – feel free to contact us!

If you want be distributor of UnitDoseOne, contact us!